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The Moment Collection is our "mini" session.  It is perfect for holiday cards, pregnancy announcements, gender reveals or those times when you desperately want photos with your loved ones but just can't seem to find the time for a long session. 
* 20 Minute Session 
* At an outdoor location within Chicago, selected by Wild Garlic Photography
* One look / outfit 
* Collections start at $300
* Each of our collections include time to create your artwork


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The Chronicle Collection is our most common session.  It is perfect for family sessions, anniversary photos, birth announcements or capturing important milestones.
* 60 Minute Session filled with laughter, play, silliness, snuggles and fun
* At an outdoor location within 5 miles of Chicago 
* One look / outfit
* Collections start at $500
* Each of our collections include time to create your artwork






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The Anthology Collection is our premier photo session experience.  It is perfect for engagement sessions, maternity photos, generational narratives or in-home lifestyle photos.
* 90 Minute Session
* At a location within 5 miles of Chicago   
* Two looks / outfits (if you want to switch up your style)
* Collections start at $850
* Each of our collections include time to create your artwork





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I believe photography is an investment. I also believe your story is worth investing in. Because there are some things that were made to last a lifetime, just like the connection between you and your loved ones. I specialize in capturing the essence of your relationships. I love honest, authentic photos; photos that tell the story of you and the ones you love. I want to record these connections exactly as they are in this moment, to chronicle the pieces of today so that you can enjoy them over time. I hope to take you back to that moment every time you look at your photos. Whether I capture a laugh, a snuggle, a look, I will capture that special connection between you and your loved ones that will make you remember that time and tell the important pieces of your story. 

this is your story.

about me

I am Erinn of Wild Garlic Photography LLC and I am so excited you are here to check out my work. 

What makes me smile: My three wildlings; my talented and glitter tolerant husband; my two snuggly dogs; living room dance parties (of course); wake surfing; a quick wit; pond hockey; stretch pants and elastic waist bands; reality television (come on, we all need a guilty pleasure); taking pictures; bare feet; and sugar, lots and lots of sugar. 

I am a storyteller and an adventurer with a passion for whimsy and creating unique and heartfelt experiences for my clients. I am fortunate to work with fun-loving and joyful clients who want their photography experience to be light, relaxed and full of personality. I hope to get to know you and your loved ones better. I look forward to documenting your journey!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thank you so much. 
I'm in tears I love them all.


OMG Erinn. We love all the pictures. You really create magic. 


I am in love!!!!!  they are so beautiful!!!  they are surreal!  Erinn, you did such amazing work!  Thank you so so much!! 


Thank you so much--seriously in love with these pictures of the kids.  What a year to remember and thank you for helping us capture it.

- Jo

Erinn, OMG!!!!! I absolutely love these!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Love love love. Thank you so much.


Erinn! The pictures are stunning! You are amazing! Thank you!!


we heart them.  even picky husband is super impressed!


Omg these are gorgeous! blown away. thank you again.


You're Amazing!  They're Beautiful!  Thank you so much! my mil is going to cry when she sees these :)


thank you again, my girls
had so so much fun.


Oh. my. goodness. these are all so stinking cute. love the photos of the girls capture great moments. thank you.


oh my goodness. they are amazing. thank you so much for making my baby feel so special.


Thank you for making me feel beautiful.


you captured my joy in images that will last forever...and on top of all that, our kids had a blast together and that warms my heart too.


We enjoyed our time with you & are so impressed with your natural talent & ability to make us feel comfortable!


the photos are amazing and we
are eternally grateful for them.

The Artemis Up Project is a personal photography project that I have been working on to inspire women of all ages. The goal of this project is to really empower our girls and ourselves and emphasize the power, spirit, light and strength within each of us through a series of "kick butt" photos. What initially started as a cool project with my daughter is growing and I’m looking for other awesome girls and women who may be interested in participating. 

If you'd like to learn more about the project or you are interested in  participating, click the "Read More" button to get in on all the "kick butt" action.  [Please note that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am not currently doing any indoor or studio sessions.  Sadly, that means that The Artemis Up Project is on a short hold.  That doesn't mean you can't get on my mailing list for when this project starts up again.  I would love to connect with you!] 

inspiring the strength, spirit, uniqueness and power within each of our superheroes

the artemis up project

If you are interested in participating in the project, please shoot me an email so we can connect.  Below are some additional details to help you decide if it's a project you want in on :) 

* I love all superheroes, but this particular project is aimed at inspiring our girls and women.
* The sessions are designed to be a fun and unique photography event with your friends.
* All sessions take place in Chicago.
* I am asking each individual who participates in the project to sign a release so that I can post the photos to hopefully inspire others. 
* After the shoot, I email you a link with a copy of the images that I selected for editing.  The images will be sized for you to share on social media, use as a screen saver, etc.  For purposes of this project, I'm not providing high resolution images or printing rights. If you are interested in wall art or prints, I'm happy to help you with that and am happy to provide you with a price list.

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on the project?

the artemis up project



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